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Green Key

Our guest and Green Key

Our guest and Green Key

As a guests of Hotel Enschede, you will experience the same quality and service as you expect. The eco-friendly way of doing business for us, will benefit you during your stay.

As a guest, you can also play your part for a better environment. After all, a better environment starts with us together. Together we go for Green!

Hotel Enschede Golden Green Key Certification

Even before the opening of Hotel Enschede has strived for the Green Key Certification. The Green Key is the international standard for businesses in the tourism and recreation industry, and in the market for meeting and conference venues, which work serious on sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with care for the environment at the business and the nature around them.

To qualify for the Green Key eligibility entrepreneurs must take a lot of action on the environment and CSR. These measures are partly obligatory, partly optional. Green Key Netherlands has three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The more optional measures an entrepreneur takes, the higher the final outcome is.

The Green Key guarantees the voluntary commitment of the entrepreneur to do more for the environment than the legislation requires of him. The GREEN KEY is a means of communicating the sustainable image of the company to guests, authorities and business partners.